Licensed Hauler

If You Think Your Liability Ends with Delivery, Think Again

Scrap tires are a very real liability issue. Every year in the U.S., over 300 million tires are discarded, causing a huge disposal problem and environmental concerns ranging from toxic fire hazards to mosquito breeding grounds. If your collection site chooses to illegally store, stack and accumulate tires beyond their bonding, they could decide to walk away and leave behind a real mess for someone else to clean up. Worse yet, your tires are still there, piled up illegally, and you may still be responsible to pay again for proper cleanup and disposal!

Tire Recycling

Let Us Eliminate Your Scrap Tires and Your Worries

From small loads to huge, every scrap tire delivered to us or hauled by us, from your location to Silver Lining Tire Recycling, is processed daily using our state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind, Columbus McKinnon tire shredders. The shredded material is removed daily to end-users and, in many cases, used as fuel at electric companies to help keep the lights on in Michigan communities.

With Silver Lining Tire Recycling, you have nothing to worry about because when we're done, your tires are gone and so is your liability! You can even watch it happen. That's not always the case at other collection sites.

Give Us a Call or Visit Our Location and Let Us Take Care of Your Tires

Silver Lining Tire Recycling is your best choice for tire disposal. We'll take care of your tires and you with service you just can't get anywhere else. Call us today for more information, pricing or to arrange a tour of our exceptional scrap tire disposal facility.